January snapshots

mum and baby in snow

Another month in lockdown, but this time I’ve actually managed to shoot some film! It was only one roll of Fujifilm Superia Xtra 400, and I’ve not had it developed yet, but it’s still progress. I’ll obviously post the best shots from that when I get it back from the lab, but I’m waiting until I have a few rolls to send off.

Like a lot of photographers, I’ve been in a bit of a slump, but I’m refusing to let it win now. This year I’m determined I’ll shoot a lot more and blog a lot more than I did in 2020. Even if that’s only a roll a month, then it’s better than last year.

I’m not convinced I like the black borders on the full size shots, but that’s how I post to Instagram so I’ve left them on here.


I can’t work out what these represent, or who drew them, so I’m finding these scrawled sums fascinating. The door is that of a church I spent a lot of time in as a child; one which my grandfather worked on as a builder, so it has sentimental value to me despite my lack of faith.


This sign really tickled me while I was out on one of my daily walks. After this lockdown is over, I’m going to take a nice long break from walking around where I live, because I am absolutely sick to the back teeth of it. I’ve nothing against the activity or the area, but when it’s the highlight of your weekend, it starts to grind you down a little bit.


I think this is a bit of a cheat, as I took this in December, but I didn’t process it until January, so here we are.


One of the benefits of it getting dark at 4pm is it’s a lot more convenient to capture sunsets and dramatic skies. Can you tell I’m trying to look on the positive side of winter?


All shots taken on my Fujifilm X100F using the Classic Chrome preset, with the exception of the black and white shot which I think was shot using the Acros preset. I’m keeping it simple on the digital workflow to try and reduce the amount of time spent on my laptop.

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