Lockdown snapshots – October

Here we are again, staring down the barrel of another lockdown. I’m really struggling to make many photos at the moment, with a young baby and a house that doesn’t get all that much light.

I’ve done a couple of corporate shoots over the last month or so that have come out really well, but I can’t share anything from those until the products have launched, so I’ve decided to share a few snapshots each month to keep this site ticking over.

Shooting film

How is everyone getting on shooting film? Between the weather and my limited travel, I’ve hardly shot anything analog for the last couple of months. I did take my Canon EOS 1N out for a walk the other day, but it’s giving me a battery error (I hear these are pretty common with this camera body) and wouldn’t let me release the shutter, which put paid to that set of images.

Family photos

Other than that, I’m just doing what every new parent does and shooting hundreds of pictures of my daughter – eating, laughing, crying etc. It’s crazy how fast she changes, so it’s nice to document that and look back on these photos every now and then to remind myself. I think I’ll publish some kind of book of the best photos for her 1st birthday. It’d be nice to make this a tradition every year, although sooner or later she’s probably going to stop posing for me!


Here she is looking like she’s about to star in a Scandi drama about a baby police officer.


This is one of those shots that doesn’t work on Instagram, but works really nicely at a decent size. I’m enjoying all of the autumnal colours coming through.


I shot some portraits in a nice office space, and took this while I was setting up other shots. Not meaningful, I just liked the scene.

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